So, you’re planning a wedding and didn’t know whether to invest in a videographer or not. As a photographer, I see one of the only regrets brides and grooms have after their wedding day is that they DIDN’T hire a videographer. Here’s a big reason why you should:

Video captures what photos just can’t. Imagine seeing special moments of your wedding day that are able to bring you back to that exact moment. I’m not saying that your photos can’t do that, but seeing a video of you fluffing your dress can even bring back that feeling of the soft fabric on your skin. Seeing the movement being brought back into these memories and hearing the voices of you and your loved ones can evoke every single memory from your day and help keep it alive.

Check out my previous wedding videos.

What if you’re not looking for anything fancy? 

  • Ask your photographer if they have any video options. I offer lots of video options to my couples including a full film, a 60 second highlight, or even just full, raw recordings of special times during the day.
  • Look into a Wedding Day Content Creator. This is a person that follows your photographer and gets behind the scenes of everything. I also offer Content Creation in my wedding collections.

Why you shouldn’t have a family member do it: it can cause too much stress for them. Let them be a guest and enjoy your day without the responsibility of holding a phone.

Videos are so special and you deserve to have them to look back on. If you’re looking for your perfect videographer, my books are open. INQUIRE HERE.

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