One of the most common things I get asked when my couples hire me is if they think they’ll need a second shooter on their wedding day. The ultimate decision on whether you add a second shooter should depend on your specific needs.

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD add on a second photographer for your wedding 👇🏻

  • If your timeline is tight and your photographer needs to be in 2 places at once! This will help with getting ready and wedding party photos, especially if you’re not doing a first look
  • So you can get more than one perspective of those moments we can’t recreate, like first looks and walking down the aisle!
  • You want to make sure not a single moment goes by undocumented.
  • You just want the extra coverage!

Below are a few examples of shots I get as the primary photographer vs what my second shooter captures. Left is my shot, right is my second shooter’s shot

And here are shots that I’ve taken as a second shooter:

Ultimately, adding a second shooter will add more photos to your gallery and should give you every perspective from your wedding day. Ask your photographer about their normal list of second shooters. This list should consist of photographers that they trust and tend to capture a wedding day the same way as them. If your budget allows it, DO IT.

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Do we need a second shooter for our wedding day?

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